Sealy Corporation

Sealy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is the largest bedding manufacturer in North America and produces a diversified line of sleep products. Sealy, as distinguished from most of its competitors, also manufactures many of the important component parts that are used inside the mattress. Sealy owns and operates a component-manufacturing subsidiary that produce virtually all the company's proprietary innerspring requirements.

Sealy authorized retailers

Sealy sells its products through more than 7,000 retail outlets in North America, which include furniture stores, national mass merchandisers, specialty sleep shops, department stores and warehouse clubs. Approximately two-thirds of bedding is sold through furniture stores & specialty sleep shops. Most of the remaining bedding is sold through department stores, mass merchandisers and membership clubs. Sealy does not directly sell mattresses or boxsprings to consumers.

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Manufacturing & facilities

Sealy manufactures most bedding to order and has adopted "just in time" production techniques in its manufacturing process to more efficiently serve its dealers' and customers' needs. Most bedding orders are scheduled, produced and shipped to retail warehouses within 7 days of receipt. This rapid delivery capability allows Sealy to better satisfy customer demand for prompt shipments. Sealy operates 25 plants, which manufacture bedding in 20 states, three Canadian provinces, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, France, and Italy. Sealy operates a research and development center in High Point, North Carolina, with a staff that tests new materials and machinery, trains personnel, compares the quality of Sealy's products with those of its competitors and develops new products and processes.

Products sold in Canada are made in Canada and to ensure quality of raw materials and labour practices, Sealy sources most of its components from local supply. Sealy does not manufacture in off-shore facilities.

Sealy & the environment

As the world's largest manufacturer of mattresses, Sealy recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability. Our goal is to reach an acceptable balance between sustainability, product quality & performance.

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Sealy origins

In the small town of Sealy, Texas just outside of Houston, a cotton gin builder & operator by the name of Daniel Haynes responded to a request from a neighbor and built a cotton-filled mattress in 1881. The product was so favorably received that Daniel Haynes began receiving more and more requests from neighbors and relatives. Encouraged by the response, Haynes invented a machine that compressed cotton for use in mattresses and received a patent for his invention in 1889.

The acceptance for the product grew beyond the local area in Texas and began to be referred to by customers in other regions of the country as the "mattress from Sealy."

In 1906, Haynes sold all of his patents and know-how to a Texas Company that took the name of Sealy. It was in this timeframe that a young advertising executive named Earl Edwards launched Sealy on the road to national prominence. Edwards placed Sealy advertising in The Saturday Evening Post & Ladies Home Journal. Edwards ensured that Sealy registered its name, developed a trademark and gave Sealy the slogan "sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud".